10th Anniversary of Hurricane Jeanne

On the night of Sept. 25, 2004, Hurricane Jeanne made landfall at Sewall's Point, FL, just three weeks after Hurricane Frances came ashore near the same location.  It was the last of four hurricanes to affect Florida that year, being preceded by Charley, Frances, and Ivan. Jeanne began as a tropical wave which organized into … Continue reading 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Jeanne

55th Anniversary of Typhoon Vera or the “Isewan Typhoon”

On Sept. 26, 1959, a powerful Super Typhoon struck Japan and became the deadliest and most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall in that nation's history.  The storm was given the name Vera from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center's list, but in Japan it became infamous for the damage it did to Ise Bay (Isewan … Continue reading 55th Anniversary of Typhoon Vera or the “Isewan Typhoon”