HRD Monthly Science Meeting of August 2014 and Debrief for missions into Tropical Storm/Hurricane Bertha – 14 August 2014

The August science meeting was used to discuss the results from the 6 P-3 and 1 G-IV missions into Tropical Storm/Hurricane Bertha. The agenda for the discussion was:

  • Missions Overview (Reasor)
  • Science Discussions
    • 20140801H1 Ferry/Ocean Survey (Uhlhorn)
    • 20140802H1 Ocean Survey/Center Fix (Uhlhorn)
    • 20140803H1 TDR (Rogers/Reasor)
    • 20140803N1 TDR (Dunion)
    • 20140804I1 TDR (Bucci)
    • 20140804H1 TDR (Uhlhorn)
    • 20140805I1 TDR (Bucci)
  • Field Program Issues

Slides from the debrief are available at:

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 5.56.26 PM