20th Anniversary of Hurricane/Typhoon John

John_1994_trackHurricane/Typhoon John’s track

As Hurricane Genevieve recently made its way into the western Pacific to become Super Typhoon Genevieve, it is worth remembering that twenty years ago, a similar storm wended its way from the eastern Pacific across the International Dateline to become a typhoon and then backtracked across that line to become a hurricane again.  Hurricane/Typhoon John had a remarkable life history, lasting 31 days as a tropical cyclone and having a track over 7000 miles (13,000 km) long.  Although it could be traced to an African easterly wave, John didn’t form into a tropical depression until August 11th as it moved over the eastern Pacific.  Both its track length and duration set records world-wide for a tropical cyclone which have not yet been exceeded.