10th Anniversary of Typhoon Rananim


NASA MODIS satellite photo of Typhoon Rananim

On August 12, 2004 Typhoon Rananim made landfall in China’s Zheijang province.  It had formed a week earlier and had tracked between Taiwan and Okinawa, where it produced winds and heavy rains on those islands and caused one death on Taiwan.  Its landfall on the Chinese mainland was marked by storm surge and winds of 90 knots (180 m/s) destroying over 64,000 homes and causing wide-spread power outages.  Torrential rains then caused heavy flooding as the storm moved inland.  It was the strongest typhoon to hit this part of the coast since 1956 and killed over 160 people and resulted in nearly US$2.5 billion in damages.  Its name was retired and replaced with “Fanapi”.