NOAA43 aircraft has flown into Tropical Storm Arthur – July 2, 2014

The NOAA43 aircraft is scheduled to fly a Tail Doppler Radar Experiment into Tropical Storm Arthur at 1800 UTC (2PM Eastern) this afternoon. This will be the first flight for the NOAA43 flight crew of the hurricane season. NOAA43 will take off from MacDill AFB and recover eight hours later. Below is the proposed flight pattern. The numbers on the figure represent the turn points that the aircraft will make. The red dots in the figure show the locations that launch weather balloons twice a day while the purple dots are the locations that launch balloons once a day.


NOAA43 has returned to MacDill AFB.  The Lead Project Scientist reports, “Wow, was Arthur a wild ride.  I can’t say that I have ever seen convection as strong and as widespread as I did today. For awhile, we had the eastern eyewall entirely filled with 50 dbZ echoes, with some 55+ dbZ. Lots of individual 50-55+ dbZ echoes spread throughout the eastern semicircle. It was bumpy for hours, and there was lots of vomiting. I have never been closer to getting sick on a flight, but ultimately didn’t. The science was fascinating with the structure changing from symmetric to asymmetric to symmetric to asymmetric during the various passes.”


Final track

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