Hurricane Research Division scientists meet the public and Feel the Force


 Rob Rogers explains a “Figure 4” pattern to a future flight meteorologist.

On May 31st, HRD scientists Rob Rogers and Neal Dorst, along with AOML science communicators Erica Rule and Shannon Jones, spoke with members of the public at the Patricia and Philip Frost Miami Science Museum’s Feel the Force outreach event.  Scheduled for the start of the 2014 hurricane season, representatives of the American Red Cross, Miami-Dade County Emergency Management, the National Weather Service/Hurricane Center, Florida International University’s International Hurricane Research Center, and Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue were available to advise people on hurricane preparedness.


Erica Rule shows flight video to the toddlers

It was a family-friendly event that welcomed nearly 1000 South Florida residents.  Rob Rogers said, “I enjoyed the time I was there.  I met quite a few folks very interested in hurricanes, and they ranged in age probably from 6 to 60.”  The AOML participants stood next to the display featuring a P3 nose replica and explained how and why they fly into hurricanes.  With a P3 model, videos, and a sample dropsonde available as part of the exhibit as visual aids, they handed out flyers that explained hurricane flying as a means of furthering scientific understanding of tropical cyclones.


Neal Dorst gets into a heated argument with a fourth grader…and loses.

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