NHRP Reports now available

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  The National Hurricane Research Project, begun in 1955 and predecessor of HRD, was the first permanent research enterprise of the United States Weather Bureau.  In order to facilitate the dissemination of its findings about hurricanes it began publishing a series of Reports.  Many of these reports were later republished in peer-reviewed literature and all of them contributed to our basic understanding of tropical cyclones.  Eventually, the Environmental Science Services Administration (predecessor to NOAA) began a series of Technical Reports following the framework of the NHRP Reports.  For many years the NHRP Reports were only available in hard copies scattered among a few research libraries, but thanks to a multiagency effort the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, based at Colorado State University, now offers digital versions of these 72 essential reports.  Scholars worldwide may now access these founding studies on tropical meteorology with the click of a mouse.