HRD researchers at 68th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum – 4-6 March 2014

HRD scientists participated in the 68th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum from 4-6 March 2014 remotely from NHC and AOML. HRD scientists presented or were coauthors on 10 of the 63 presentations. Shirley Murillo and Jason Dunion co-chaired two sessions and Frank Marks participated in a panel discussion on Agency Perspectives representing  NOAA/HFIP.
  1. An Update on the Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT) – Christopher Landsea (NOAA/NHC) and Shirley Murillo (NOAA/AOML)
  2. Improvement to the Satellite-based 37 GHz Ring Rapid Intensification Index – Haiyan Jiang, Margie Kieper, Yongxian Pei (Florida Intl Univ), and John Kaplan (NOAA/AOML)
  3. Progress on Upper Ocean Measurement Strategies during Hurricane Passage: AXCP and AXCTD Profiling – Lynn K. Shay, Benjamin Jaimes, and Jodi K. Brewster (RSMAS/Univ of Miami); Eric W. Uhlhorn (NOAA/HRD); and George R. Halliwell (NOAA/AOML/PhOD)
  4. The 2013 Satellite Proving Ground at the National Hurricane Center – Mark DeMaria, Jack Beven, Michael Brennan, and Hugh Cobb (NOAA/NHC);  John Knaff (NOAA/NESDIS), Andrea Schumacher (CIRA/CSU), Christopher Velden (CIMSS/UW), Jason Dunion (NOAA/HRD), Gary Jedlovec (NASA/MSFC), Kevin Fuell (Univ of Alabama, Huntsville); and Michael Folmer (UM/CICS)
  5. Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology (SHOUT) to Mitigate the Risk of Satellite Observing Gaps – Robbie Hood (NOAA/OAR), Michael Black (NOAA/A OML), Gary Wick (NOAA/ESRL), Philip Kenul (TriVector Services Inc.), and John Coffey (Cherokee Nation Technologies LLC)
  6. Real-Time HWRF Forecasts for the Joint Typhoon Warning Center – Sam Trahan and Chanh Kieu (NOAA/EMC/IMSG), Vijay Tallapragada (NOAA/EMC), Brian Strahl (JTWC), Bob Gall (NOAA/HFIP/CIMAS), Lee Cohen (NOAA/ESRL/GSD/CIRES), and Thiago Quirino (NOAA/AOML)
  7. Multi Lead-time Statistical Rapid Intensification Guidance – John Kaplan (NOAA/HRD), Christopher M. Rozoff (CIMSS/UW-Madison), Charles R. Sampson (NRL), James P. Kossin (NOAA/NCDC), Christopher S. Velden (CIMSS/UW-Madison),  and Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS/NHC)
  8. Real-Time Verification of a Passive Microwave Imagery-Based Statistical Model of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification – Christopher M. Rozoff and Christopher Velden (CIMSS/UW-Madison), John Kaplan (NOAA/HRD), Anthony J. Wimmers (CIMSS/UW-Madison), and James P. Kossin (CIMSS/UW-Madison/NOAA/NCDC)
  9. Analysis Tools for Online Evaluation of the Operational Hurricane Forecasts Using Satellite Data – Svetla M. Hristova-Veleva (NASA/JPL), Mark Boothe (NPS), S. Gopalakrishnan (NOAA/HRD), Ziad Haddad, Brian Knosp, Bjorn Lambrigtsen, and Peggy Li (NASA/JPL), Michael Montgomery (NPS), Noppasin Niamsuwan (NASA/JPL), Vijay Tallapragada (NOAA/EMC), Simone Tanelli and Joseph Turk (NASA/JPL), and Tomislava Vukicevic (NOAA/HRD)
  10. Summary of Assessment Results—Agency Perspectives – John Cortinas (NOAA/OAR) and Frank Marks (NOAA/AOML/HRD)
The agenda and links to all presentations are online at
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