HRD Monthly Science Meeting of February 2014

February’s Science meeting had 6 presentations:

  1. Robert Black, HRD – Microphysics influences in HWRF
  2. Dr. Jun Zhang, UM/CIMAS & HRD – Using aircraft observations to improve HWRF physics
  3. Dr. Joe Cione, HRD – Difference in air-sea energy transfer in weakening and intensifying in storms
  4. Prof. Hugh Willoughby, FIU – Hurricanes in Zipfistan
  5. Dr. Hua Chen, UM/CIMAS & HRD – Role of subsidence in RI of Hurricane Earl
  6. Lisa Bucci, UM/CIMAS & HRD – OSSE Group update

The presentations are available on the anonymous ftp site as a zip archive at: