Tenth anniversary of the first DOTSTAR mission in the Western Pacific


A dropwindsonde just after release from the ASTRA aircraft.

September 1 marks the tenth anniversary of the first flight of Taiwan’s ASTRA jet around a typhoon as part of Dropwindsonde Observations for Typhoon Surveillance near the TAiwan Region (DOTSTAR).   Built on work pioneered at HRD, dropswindsondes are released from an altitude of 43,000 feet around typhoons, and sent to modeling centers around the world for incorporation into numerical forecasts.  So far, DOTSTAR has conducted 64 surveillance flight missions in 49 typhoons since 2003 and is the only regular airborne observing system outside the Atlantic basin.


Prof. Lin Po-Hsiung, DOTSTAR principal investigator, processing dropwindsondes on the NOAA G-IV in Tropical Storm Edouard.

Congratulations to our partners at DOTSTAR, especially the principal investigators Wu Chun-Chieh, Lin Po-Hsiung, and Chou Kun-Hsuan on ten years of great work.  More information on DOTSTAR can be found at http://typhoon.as.ntu.edu.tw/DOTSTAR/en/.

Some papers that have resulted from the partnership between HRD and DOTSTAR:

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