30th anniversary of Hurricane Alicia’s landfall

30th anniversary of Hurricane Alicia

Aug. 18th marks the thirtieth anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Alicia on Galveston and Houston.  Major damage was done to downtown Houston as the glass cladding of many skyscrapers was shattered by wind-blown debris.  The hurricane ultimately killed 21 people and caused about $2.6 billion in damage making it the costliest storm since Hurricane Agnes 11 years earlier.

HRD conducted five, staggered research missions into Hurricane Alicia with its two P3 aircraft.  The final mission was during landfall, and the flight-track of NOAA42 is shown below.  These data, along with all available surface data, allows for the H*Wind analysis shown above.


The research flights led to at least two research papers:

Marks, F. D., R. A. Houze, 1987:  Inner Core Structure of Hurricane Alicia from Airborne Doppler Radar Observations.  J. Atmos. Sci.44, 1296–1317.

Powell, M. D., 1987:  Changes in the Low-Level Kinematic and Thermodynamic Structure of Hurricane Alicia (1983) at Landfall.  Mon. Wea. Rev.,115, 75–99.