HRD researchers at the 67th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum – 5–8 March 2013

HRD scientists participated in the 67th Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum from 5-7 March 2013 remotely from NHC and AOML. Two HRD scientists (Drs. Frank Marks, and Sundararaman Goplakrishnan) were invited by OFCM and HFIP to attend in person at the new NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) in College Park, MD. HRD scientists presented or were coauthors on 17 of the 72 presentations and 2 of the 13 posters. Frank Marks co-chaired two sessions and participated in two panel discussions.
  1. Panel: Tropical Cyclone Research: The View from the Top (HFIP) – Dr. Frank Marks, Jr., Director, NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division
  2. Comparison of the 2010 and 2012 Snapshots of Tropical Cyclone Research and Development – Frank Marks (AOML/HRD) and Ronald Ferek (ONR)
  3. The Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project: Recent Operational Implementation – Bob Gall (NWS), Fred Toepfer (NWS), Frank Marks (AOML/HRD), and Ed Rappaport (NHC)
  4. The Basin-Scale HWRF: Looking Beyond the 10-M Wind Speed for Improved Storm Predictions – Sundararaman G.Gopalakrishnan (AOML/HRD) , Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC), Xuejin Zhang (CIMAS), Frank Marks, Jr., and Robert Atlas (AOML/HRD)
  5. An Update on The Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT) – Jiann-Gwo JiingChris Landsea, and Shirley Murillo (JHT)
  6. Improved SFMR Surface Wind Measurements in Intense Rain Conditions – Eric Uhlhorn (NOAA/OAR/AOML) and Brad Klotz (CIMAS/Univ. of Miami)
  7. Development of a Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Genesis Prediction Scheme – Jason Dunion (UM/CIMAS, AOML), John Kaplan (NOAA/OAR/AOML), Andrea Schumacher (CSU/CIRA), Joshua Cossuth (FSU/COAPS), and Mark DeMaria (NESDIS)
  8. Validation of HWRF Forecasts with Satellite Observations – Tomislava Vukicevic (NOAA/OAR/AOML) and Tom Greenwald (Univ. of Wisconsin/CIMSS)
  9. Improvement to the SHIPS Rapid Intensification Index:: A Year-2 JHT Project Update – John Kaplan (NOAA/AOML), Christopher M. Rozoff (CIMSS), Charles R. Sampson (NRL), Jim Kossin (NCDC), Chris Velden (CIMSS), and Mark DeMaria (NESDIS)
  10. Improvements in Statistical Tropical Cyclone Forecast Models: A Year 2 Joint Hurricane Testbed Project Update – Mark DeMaria (NOAA/NESDIS), Andrea Schumacher (CIRA/CSU), John A. Knaff (NOAA/ NESDIS), John Kaplan (NOAA/AOML),and Renate Brummer (CIRA/CSU)
  11. Enhancement of SHIPS-RI Index using Satellite 37 GHz Microwave Ring Pattern – Haiyan Jiang (Florida Intl Univ.), Margie Kieper and Tie Yuan (FIU), Edward J. Zipser (Univ. of Utah), and John Kaplan (HRD)
  12. Improved Telescopic Nesting and its Effects on Hurricane Forecasting – Samuel Trahan (I.M. Systems Group/NCEP), Young Kwon (EMC/IMSG), Qingfu Liu (EMC) Xuejin Zhang (UM/CIMAS), Hui-Ya Chuang (EMC), Dave Zelinsky (NHC/SRG), Greg Thompson (NCAR), Shaowu Bao (ESRL) Ligia Bernardet (ESRL), Vijay Tallapragada (EMC), Brad Ferrier (EMC/IMSG)
  13. Potential Upgrades for the Radiation and Boundary Layer Physics in the Operational HWRF Model – Young Kwon (EMC/IMSG), Chanh Kieu , Weiguo Wang , Sam Trahan, Qingfu Liu, Zhan Zhang, Vijay Tallapragada (EMC) and Jun Zhang (CIMAS/HRD)
  14. Evaluation of the Ocean Response in HWRF: How Changes in the Atmosphere-Ocean Fluxes Affect Forecast Skill – Ligia Bernardet (NOAA/ESRL), Eric Uhlhorn (AOML/HRD), Shaowu Bao (NOAA/ESRL), Joe Cione (AOML/HRD)
  15. Observations of Upwelling Processes during Tropical Storm Isaac – Benjamin Jaime, Lynn K. Shay, Jodi Brewster, Ryan Schuster (RSMAS/Univ. of Miami) and Mark Powell (AOML/HRD)
  16. COASTAL Act Requirements for Tropical Cyclone Post-Storm Assessments and Response by NOAA and Interagency Partners – Stephen Lord (NWS), Michael Bilder (NWS), Mark Powell (AOML/HRD), Jesse Feyen (NOS), Andre Westhuysen (NWS/EMC), and Tim Owen (NESDIS/NCDC)
  17. Panel: Conference Wrap-Up (HFIP) – Dr. Frank Marks, Jr., NOAA/HRD
  1. A Developmental Framework for Improving Hurricane Model Physical Parameterizations Using Aircraft Observations – Jun Zhang (CIMAS/HRD), Sundararaman Gopalakrishnan (HRD), Frank Marks (HRD), Robert Rogers (HRD), and Vijay Tallapragada (EMC)
  2. A Robust Observation Operator and Associated Background Covariances to Assimilate Rain Microwave Radiance into Cloud-Permitting Models – Ziad S. Haddad[1,2], Jeffrey Steward[2], Tomislava Vukicevic[3], Svetla Hristova‐VelevaU[1,2] ([1]UCLA/JIFRESSE, [2]NASA/JPL, & [3]NOAA/AOML)
The agenda and links to all presentations are online at
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