HRD Debrief for missions into Hurricane Sandy – 6 November 2012

HRD researchers and our IFEX partners discussed the results from the 7 P-3 and 3 G-IV missions into Hurricane Sandy. The agenda for the discussion (presenter/s) was:

  • Missions overview (Reasor)
    • Intensity, shear, and satellite depiction
  • P-3 TDR missions (Reasor, LPSs)
    • Flight tracks and Doppler composites
    • Observations, flight issues (Rogers, Uhlhorn, Marks, Murillo)
    • ASPEN from the ground (Black)
  • G-IV ET mission (Aberson)
  • H*Wind (Murillo)
  • HWRF modeling (Zhang, Chen)
  • HEDAS (Aberson)
  • Other issues

Slides from the debrief are available in a zip archive at: