NASA Global Hawk flight over Tropical Storm Nadine – Sept. 13-14, 2012

NASA’s Global Hawk is scheduled to took off  this morning from Wallops Island, VA (around 10AM EDT) to sample Tropical Storm Nadine in the mid-Atlantic.  This is part of their field campaign called Hurricane Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3). HRD scientists will be processing the dropwindsondes for this flight. The flight is approximately 24 hours long and will land back in Wallops Island, VA. The unmanned aircraft is flying the flight pattern and launch dropwindsondes at the points shown here. It will enter from the NW and do their first drop right before they get into the pattern. The Global Hawk will start the pattern (three hours after take-off) from the NW corner and work it’s way east, south, then west, so on and so forth. Once it gets to the southern most flight leg then it will work it’s way north through the pattern and then head back to base.

Global Hawk track