HRD seminar – Dr. Wesley Terwey, University of South Alabama – 12 June 2012

Dr. Terwey presented a seminar on ” Preliminary Analysis of Convective Initiation in the Hurricane Rainband Region”


Convection in mature hurricanes is affected by a variety of influences that are unique to
the special environments within the vortex. We attempt to better quantify the initiation of
convection outside the primary eyewall by examining the environments in which it forms in a
numerically-simulated hurricane vortex. We find that a significant number of convective initiation
environments in the outer band regions are influenced by low theta-e and dry air in the midlevels
and/or cold pools from prior convection. By performing statistical analysis and appropriate back
trajectories on these environments, we will focus on explaining both why these thermodynamical influences
may be important to outer band convection and where these influences originated in the first place.

An audio file of the presentation is available on the anonymous ftp site: