HRD Scientists participate in NOAA Hurricane Conference, 29 November-2 December 2011

HRD Scientists Shirley Murillo, Xuejin Zhang, Stan Goldenberg, Sim Aberson, and Frank Marks presented summaries of 2011 accomplishments from the annual NOAA hurricane field program (IFEX), regional hurricane model developments (HWRFV3.2), hurricane data assimilation developments with HEDAS, the Joint Hurricane Testbed activities, and a preliminary look at the Hurricane Irene Service Assessment. Their presentations are available online from:

Shirley Murillo: Summary of NOAA’s 2011 Hurricane Field Program (IFEX)

Xuejin Zhang and Stan Goldenberg: Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting System (HWRF) Version 3.2 model developments and verification

Sim Aberson: HEDAS: A Hurricane Ensemble Data Assimilation System

Shirley Murillo: Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT)

Frank Marks: Early observations from the NOAA Assessment for Hurricane Irene

Other presentations from the NOAA Hurricane Conference are available at: