HRD Debrief for missions into Hurricane Rina – 4 November 2011

HRD researchers and our IFEX partners discussed the results from the 4 P-3 and 2 G-IV missions into Hurricane Rina. The agenda for the discussion (presenter/s) was:

•Hurricane Rina Missions
• P-3 TDR missions (Uhlhorn and Aberson) – 3-D Doppler Winds Mission (Tail Doppler Radar) TDR (p. 7)
• G-IV mission (Kaplan)
• TDR performance, data transmission, etc. (Gamache)
• HEDAS (Aberson)
• H*Wind (Powell)
• Visiting Scientist Program (Aberson)
• Logistics (All)
• Travel to Tampa
• Hotel
• Safety
• Social Media
• Blog/Twitter (Marks/Murillo)
• Overall perception of HFP this year (Murillo)
Slides from the debrief are available at: